Lip gloss

This post is to demonstrate the importance of male-bonding time for the men in our lives....

The other day Jake had really dry lips and after not being able to find anything to use on them that wasn't ultra-shiny, or pink, or sparkly, he decided to stop off at Smith's and pick up some good ole' trusty Carmex.
Well, after a couple of days of use, it suddenly went missing. Upon looking everywhere in the house with no success, he came to me and asked (in all sincerity):

"Babe, have you seen my lip gloss?"

The poor guy! 
We seriously need another male at this place!


Is the glass half empty or half full?

Here is a morning conversation to give you an idea of how we live:

Steph: "You know...I'm kind of weird. I live a life of fear."

Jake: "Well...It is good to fear God..."

Steph: "Yes, but it's not so much that kind of fear. It's more of a fear where every night before I fall asleep I think, 'I wonder if tonight is the night we're going to get robbed....?"

Jake: *Laughs* "That's funny...every night I go to sleep and think 'I wonder if tomorrow will be the day that I win a million dollars?!"

And that, my friends, is the difference between the husband and me.
He is extremely optimistic, I am extremely pessimistic
and somehow the opposites attract and balance each other out.
Just one more reason that marriage is the best thing that ever happened to this world!


The big "I"

Well, it came to pass...
The moment we've all been waiting for:

Jake and I are pregnant!

Joking. Obviously.

The REAAAL item of business that came to pass was our 1 year anniversary!
Go us!
Sorry, was that a cruel joke?
I couldn't help it.
This is how it goes:
The whole first year of marriage, you get the same question over and over:
"So...how's married life"
I just wonder what answer people are waiting to get....?
"Oh...it's awful..."
"Well...it'd been better had I married my dog...at least he listens when I tell him what to do..."
Or, better yet,

"Well...the sex is great, if that's what you're asking..."
I mean, I know people are just making conversation, because I ask the same thing, but really, wouldn't we all be sorry we'd asked if the answer was anything but "great"?

Well now that we've been married a year, the new question is this:
"So...you pregnant?"
 "When are you having kids?"
And during the first year of marriage, people were only joking when they asked this question (I think).
As of late, however, when people pop the question, they're expecting an honest to goodness, straight-up answer.
So, for all of you who are wondering, the answer is this:
When you least expect it. :)
So now that that's out of the way,
Our 1 year anniversary was GREAT!
Especially the part where we purchased identical cards for each other.
The kicker?
They aren't even anniversary cards! Ha ha! We are so cool!

We went to dinner at The Olive Garden (Courtesy of the DE. Woo!)

And then stayed at the Anniversary Inn...
Wild West style.

(Cool room, right??)

It was fantastic, mostly because I felt like I was at Disneyland the entire time.
And I LOVE Disneyland.
All in all,
The studly husband, plus the pseudo land of Disney, turned out to be quite the getaway.
Happy 1 year to my hubby--a man who can turn any bad day into the best, make a funny joke even funnier, and who makes me feel like a princess every day of my life.
Love you, BabeS! ;)