Chubby little cheeks, stubby little legs and funny little comments included!

Well...I finally attempted the inevitable...I created a blog.
Upon starting this journey, my question was, (and the whole reason behind why I haven't created one sooner) what should I name it?
I grew up with the last name of Kjar. "I don't Kjar" "HuKjars" "Katering with Kjar"...I've been surrounded by word-play my entire life. I mean...really. What was I supposed to do? How was I going to turn Mulford into a punny phrase? Well folks...don't you worry. I've not let you down! I've once again managed to come up with a phrase that will fill you full of laughter. The Mulf Herd. But Mulf Herd, you ask, what does this mean? Your own interpretation will suffice. :)

Anywayyyy, I wanted to touch upon the recent events of our life. Our = the husband and me. (I like to point out the obvious sometimes)... Tuesday night we were asked to come in and chat with the bishop...dun dun dunnnn. Callings were coming, and what would they be?? On our way over to the church, we were discussing which callings we might be happy to have and which ones might be a bit harder to accept. We came to the conclusion that mission president and his wife may be a bit tough to take on at this point (kidding. obviously.) but we liked the idea of primary or even the nursery, perhaps. Actually, that's an understatement. Jake REAAAALLLY wanted to be called into the nursery. He has a thing for babies....or any small child for that matter. Can't get enough of their chubby little cheeks, their stubby little legs, or dare I even mention, the funny little comments that come out of their mouths! The time came to receive our callings, and after much deliberation, we learned that we would be serving in none other than.......THE NURSERY! YAYYYY!!

It would be the understatement of the century to say that we were excited. We may or may not have bought a bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate... :) he he.

So, as it is...we will no longer need to worry about baby hunger. We will get all the baby time we need every Sunday from 10-12, chubby little cheeks, stubby little legs and funny little comments included! Thank you nursery for saving us from our newleywed baby hunger woes. The church is true!


The Behunin's said...

Steph! I love your blog. So cute

Derek and Amanda said...

Steph your blog turned out DARLING! I love it! That was a great first post. Isn't the nursery the greatest?! I love it so much. Sometimes I leave with food in my hair, so hair ripped out, and just exhausted, and other days I just can't stop talking about those cute kids. Actually that's every time. But it's truly the greatest. I'm so excited for you two!

Anonymous said...

I serioulsy love what you named your blog! It makes me laugh every time =D