It's just a food baby...

Lately, people have been asking me (relentlessly) if I'm pregnant...
I'm beginning to think I look (and act--sorry hubby) the part.
So. In hopes to shed a few, and maybe get some people off my back, I've made a new years resolution that has turned into this....

A weight loss jar.
Originally seen here. (obviously.)

This girl added a pebble for every pound she lost, but seeing as I don't have 365 pounds to lose (or however many pebbles are in that little $1 basket...), I decided to make up my own pebble scale:

Each night I add a pebble for all of the things I did during the day that relate to my weight loss goal...
i.e: Go to the gym (1 pebble), pass on seconds at dinner (1 pebble), skip treats for the day (1 pebble), eat a fruit or veggie (a pebble for each serving), etc.
For each thing I don't follow through on,
I take a pebble away from the jar.
It seems to be working for me so far, because it makes me more accountable for the things I do throughout the day.
(I still haven't decided what the prize is for filling the jar...A shopping spree? A double decker oreo ice cream pop? A puppy?? 
I think I'll stick with the natural consequence: a smokin' hott bod.
kind of.)

I'm up for doing this with anyone who wants to join in on the fun!
The husband wasn't too keen on the idea...
I guess it's a girl thing...? ha.

And for the record, it was a cheap little DIY craft!

Dumpy Basket: $1 D.I.
Blue Mason Jar: $5 D.I.
Assorted Pebbles: Free with leftover gift cards from our wedding
Losing weight: Priceless
(ha! Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

Seriously though, any takers on joining in with me?
I'm open for suggestions on pebble adding ideas, too!

Also, I wanted to say thanks to all of my readers out there.
 (Even if it is only my mom and auntie...)
You are great.
True story.


Sadey said...

im a reader stephy! you inspire me...what an awesome idea

Unknown said...

This is MacKenzie and I read your blog every time you post it on Facebook, and needless to say, you are a great writer and you entertain me. And you need to teach me how to blog. Thanks! PS Good seeing you yesterday! PPS I didn't think you looked pregnant and PPPS I love you!

Anonymous said...

This is heather michelle, and i am a reader.

Nat said...

I'm a reader, Stephanie Rose, and I want to do this too! I'm going to buy myself a jar.

meg said...

I read too!!! and it's a great itdea

Coupleena said...

What a creative idea! Hopefully it will make losing weight fun! :)

Callister said...

I love your blog. I practically tell you every damn time I see you. You probably want to barf. Hey! Barfing once might equal one pebble? Don't do it. Love you, Steph.

Anonymous said...

Dont you love people? I've gotten that a lot lately too. haha I think I will be joining in on this! Thanks for the awesome idea!