I've been thinking a lot lately about life...and time..and having time to do things I want to do rather than doing all the things I have to do.

Upon wishing and wishing that I had time to do the things I want to do, I've realized that life is made up of all the little moments...
the times when I'm doing both the things I want to do, 
and the things I don't so much want to do. 

Life is each day that I let slip by 
without seeing the beauty in the mundane things.

Life is the satisfaction that I get from working hard at my job 
and knowing that I'm doing my best.

Life is accomplishing assignment after assignment just to pass a class...
and seeing that it all paid off in the end.

Life is studying hard and doing well on a test.

Life is cleaning all day long and wishing endlessly that the dust and dirt would be so kind as to take a vacation for a while, but knowing it will never happen. Yet, seeing the end product and knowing it was all worth it...
at least for a day.

Life is living the gospel.... even when it's hard.
Life is seeing my husband late at night for the first time that day and being glad that at least I was able to see him once.

Life is making sacrifices to do the things you don't really want to do and yet somehow finding the joy.

If there's one thing my husband has taught me, 
it's that no matter what, the glass is always half full. 
It just depends on which way you look at it. 

I've decided that taking a moment to soak up the silver lining in every experience I face is one of the most profound things I could do with my life. Obviously it isn't always going to happen...
but a girl can dream.... right?


Lisha said...

I definitely needed to hear this, been worrying bout the same things! Love you girl!

Coupleena said...

great post Steph, thanks!

Sadey said...

you inspire me...and i miss you. Jake got into Utah state and im pretty sure he's going there so i'm gonna be up there all the time now! woop woop