Dairy Queen or Bust

Here's a little snippet of a recent evening.

To set up the scene for you, we had just finished doing the rounds at IKEA and thought we should pick up an ice cream treat on the way home. DQ was obviously top on the list, but since McDonalds was straight ahead, we settled. (And you should also understand that Jake loves chocolate anything.)

Driving up to the window...

Jake:  "I have this fear that every time I go to get ice cream, they're going to be out of chocolate. Like the machine is going to be broken or something..."

Steph: "Wow... really? 
You are that concerned about your chocolate?"

Jake: "Yes! This is serious!"

Cashier: "Hi, welcome to McDonalds, what can I get for you?"

Jake: "I"ll just have one small soft serve chocolate cone"


Cashier: "Umm.. we don't have chocolate."

We totally should've gone with DQ...

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