I like them.
Mostly because I like to learn about people 
and the interesting things that make up their life.
Tonight as I was surfing Netflix for a good flick to pass the time, 
I stumbled across craigslistjoe 
and decided to give it a shot.
I'm so glad I did, 
because it was seriously incredible!
You NEED to watch it!
(I am giving you fair warning that there was one scene that could
very definitively be defined as "kinky" (which I did not watch, thankyouverymuch)
and there were a few curse words),
but the entire thing made me cry with happiness 
that the world is good.
You've got to watch it... 
and then let me know what you thought!
In the meantime, 
check out the trailer

1 comment:

meg said...

I love documentaries too!! Another reason that this summer thing is going to be awesome! And I have also been wanting to watch this but wasn't sure if it would be that good. You should check out First Position on netflix. It's pretty good, it even got Colten interested!