Friends make the world go round...

Life has been BUSY!

I hate using this statement, because you say that and people are like "yeah...tell me something I don't know..." I guess it's just the way life is in the 21st century, but lately I've been trying to find the joy in the busy times of life. This last Saturday was definitely one of those days that reminds you why life is worth living.

First of all, Jake and I have made it a goal to run at least four 5Ks this year...I know it doesn't sound like much, but hey...we had to start somewhere! :) So yesterday we ran our first of the season. It was a 5K/10K run for a little baby named Mason who was born with a heart defect. The race ended up being a huge success, with almost 500 people showing up to run! I wish I had more details on how much money was raised, but I know they definitely benefited from people's generosity! Kudos to everyone who participated! Which includes my hubby. I'm proud of the big lug...he finished in 28:30, but could have ran it a lot faster if it weren't for his slow-poke wifey. I finished in 29 minutes...obviously not record timing, but I shaved about three minutes off my time so I was pretty proud of myself! All in all, it was a good time. The endorphins were blowin in like wind in Chicago and I was lovin' it! :) Unfortunately we didn't have the camera, so I will try to find pictures and post those at a later point in time.

We have a couple of other runs that we're looking into doing this summer, let me know if you want to join us!! 

The Dirty Dash in SLC, June 4

Heaton family first annual 5K, sometime in June
(Believe me, this is an event (or sight) you won't want to miss!!)

Lavendar run in Mona UT, July 9

Run the Redrock Relay in Zion, Sept ?

If you have not ever ran a race before...do IT! It's so exhiliarating and is one of my most favorite things ever!

Saturday night was my dear friend Chelsey Wilkinson's bridal shower. I'm so happy for Chelsey! Congrats, my friend! The shower was in Provo, so Jake and I drove down to the city and the festivities began! Chelsey's shower was a lot of fun and it was so great to re-unite with all my roomies. It's crazy how quickly life can change! Not too long ago we were all single and sexy and now...we're almost all married...and still sexy! :) I love these girls! Here are some cute pictures from the night. And a little shout out to Kelsie Christensen for the awesome photography! Here's her etsy website..she does some amazing work, you should check it out!


After the shower Jake and I hung out with Sadey and Spencer. There's something about being with a best friend that just relieves all cares in the world and is medicine to the soul. I had the greatest time of my life. And Sade, I know how much you wanted a little shout out, so here's to you.

Sadey Kindt

 The friend that brings laughter to any situation. TRUE, fall on the floor, gut-wrenching, tears streaming down your face, unable to catch your breath, never a better time in your life--laughter. I love you, girl! :)

 After a night of fun-filled friendly get-togethers, my life felt a little more complete.

Friends truly do make the world go round... to all my friends and family, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for all you do! :)

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