FRIDAY The word that is music to my ears.

I have been looking forward to this moment since the last time it rolled around 7 days ago... The time when my homework is completed {until tomorrow comes around...but I'll deal with that...tomorrow.. } work is finished and the gym has been crossed off my list. Life is GOOD! So now it is free-time. *sigh*

And today, my free-time has consisted of surfin' the web. I have been obsessed with cooking/decorating blogs and today, while looking at different C/D blogs, I stumbled upon the best site EVER!

Have you heard of it? You must immediately check it out! ......... (I'm waiting....) ............
Best site EVER, right?? One thing you might not know about me is this: I LOVE random awesome things of life. A dear friend of mine,
Kaylee Hess

wins the prize for best wedding gift ever. She gave Jake and I a book called:

"The Book of Awesome" an awesome book, filled with life's awesome moments. AWESOME! :)

So anyway, back to what I was saying...this pinterest bizz is filled with all sorts of links that take you to some of the coolest things people have spotted out on the web. Isn't 2011 WONDERFUL?! Just when you think that someone couldn't come up with anything better...they do.

Once when my cousin Mike and I were kids

This be Mike.
we came up with a  Grandiose plan to make a roller coaster that went backwards. We thought we were the most brilliant kids on the earth. And we were.... until 2 years later we discovered that Six Flags beat us to the chase. Dang!

Anyway...back to my web searching discoveries...I've found some of the most wonderful things. Things that mustn't go unshared!! Please indulge...




Dirt Cheap Decor
This site was filled with all sorts of awesome decorating ideas. Like the before and after pics of her bedroom:




No-Bake Nutter Butter Nutella Pie...umm...YUM?!!!

I loved this, because It reminded me of my own kitchen.... (50 points for the person who spots the matching item in each of our kitchens!)

Her Kitchen....

And mine


And although there are a million other things I could post, I will leave you with one last. It is the recipe to a DELICIOUS pie I made for my Mother-in-Law's 50th birthday celebration. 

Mama J and the hubby

Okay, so the only bad thing about 2011 is that people have copyrights. No picture was available for this AMAZING pie... looks like I'll have to be baking it again soon and this time I'll try to remember to document the act! :)

But here's the link, just in case you can't wait....

And would you look at that? I've successfully filled my free-time and it is now coming to a close. The husband will be awaiting my arrival at the...

very very soon. 
All I have to say is....T.G.I.F!
Enjoy your weekend, my friends!


Derek and Amanda said...

Oo oo pick me! The pots hanging on the walls! That kitchen uses space SO well. And it totally does look like yours. i love this post. Love YOU Steph! Muah!

Leigh said...

What a fun post. I love both of the kitchens, so cute. Thanks for finding my blog and thinking my bedroom is awesome (I like it!).