Survivin' polio

The other night, this guy

 opened his mission call. Congrats to him on being called to the Melbourne, Australia mission. Yay!
And also on surviving a car crash the next night. I'm happy to report the cousin is alive and well!

Anyway...while we were at the "opening the call" party, my uncle Thom mentioned a 5 mile relay race he would soon be running in order to promote the fight against polio. Of course we asked to tag along. What we didn't know however, is that we were going to be the stars of the show! There were a bunch of high school kids running the other 5 miles in the 10 mile relay, but for running the first leg of the race, we got plaques, a t-shirt, the works! Here are the pics to prove it...

Jake, setting the pace

XL was the only size of shirt they had left. Ohhhh yeahhh

The husband, finishing first!

Sprinting to come in close behind!


 Because my uncle was a polio survivor, he was asked to participate in the race. Jake had a great grandpa who survived and I'm related to both of them, so we were all recruited to run. The old guy

 ran the whole 5 miles himself, and we were there as moral support for the last 4 miles of the race. 4 miles isn't much, but it's 4 miles more than we ran the day before. Half marathon, here we come! ohhh I love summer!

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Sadey said...

you really inspire me with all the running you've been doing...luv u