Summer Extravaganza!

Why do I love summer?
Because there is so much going on, I can hardly keep up!

I've tried my hardest to squeeze every last bit of fun out of this summer before it's over, and I am happy to say...I think it worked...we've been up to some pret-ty great things lately!

So great, in fact, that every weekend for the last month and a half we've been somewhere other than our ward in Logan, and the other day I received a little note from the Relief Society presidency saying, "thinking of you". Ha ha inactive much?

So on the line-up of thrilling events, first up was Yellowstone!

Mulford cabin in Island Park....check!

Playing some awesome rounds of Tripoly...check!



Animal watching...check!

Clay pigeon shooting...check!

Campfire with S'mores....check!

Having a whole lot of FUN!...check, check, check!

Next on the agenda was Southern Utah. Jake couldn't attend due to his (soon to be FINISHED!) job at J Lube, but I managed to make my way down there anyway. :) I visited my favorite Cedar City'ns--Court and Cole, hit up a family reunion, and made my way on over to my cousin's homecoming. What a great time!

The next weekend we went to Lava Hot Springs. For about 12 hours total. ha ha the football game made it all worth it, though!

Another day was the Willard Bay excursion. My sweet Aunt Colleen invited us to come down to the bay to sail on their boat and cruise on the "personal watercrafts". :)

We also took advantage of an unbeatable photo landscape! :)

Out of all the fun trips this summer, however, our river rafting trip down to Moab this last weekend pretty much topped the charts. It was such an adventure! On the way there, Jake and I stopped at Einstein Bagels for breakfast. Unfortunately, I only speak English, not Spanglish, and thought that the woman passing out to-go bags had called our name. Apparently not...

We scored a $10 breakfast for a whopping four dollars and fifty cents! Woop woop! :)

When we got down to Moab,


 met up with

and did this

and this

and some of this

And when night came, we weren't quite ready for it all to end,
so we did a little night hike and got a picture of

Incredible, right? The full moon was so bright from up there!

I'm serious when I say that if you haven't taken a trip down to Moab lately, the time has come. It will not disappoint. :)

And I'm also serious when I say that now that Summer is nearing its end, I am going to have to find something else to look forward to other than the next vacation we're going to enjoy. The next paper I'm going to write? Yuck! Don't even remind me...

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Sadey said...

such a cute post.....I'm so glad you're having so much fun!!! love you!