A wedding

I LOVE them!!
Sometimes I wonder to myself why I am becoming a Social Worker rather than a Wedding Planner...then I remember. I'm not all that great at planning. Is there such a thing as a professional wedding attender?

I love the never-ending smile on the bride

The look of achievement on the groom

And the pure happiness that radiates from the two of them put together!

And it's that way with every wedding I attend. It just makes me HAPPY!

I love the food
I love the family
 I love the friends
and the cake and the music and the gifts
I love the flowers
 I love the dancing
I love the photography
and I love the love that fills the air.
 I love EVERYTHING about weddings!

So thank you Carl and Olivia for letting us join in your special day. Congratulations to you both!

Jake loved the excuse to get all GQ. :)

and p.s.

Isn't my sis-in-law amazing at cakes??

Oh and thanks to Jayne for capturing such a lovely picture.

Jakey...open your eyes!

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