Noogie time

Sometimes I want a baby.
Like.... REAAAALLLYYY want a baby.

Then I remind myself of all the reasons 
I'm okay with being selfish right now, 
and I'm like "Yeah. It can wait."

I have hilarious cousins who can fill in all the gaps 
for the time being.

*5-year-old Max running around giving everyone noogies* 
(Seriously though. What ever happened to "noogie time"??)

Jake: Hey Max, why don't you go give Grandpa a noogie?
Max: No! (with a look of disgust)
Jake: Why not??
Max: Cuz he's old....... and doesn't clean out his ears!
Jake: What? How do you know that?!
Max: Cuz I looked. And I saw them!

Back when honesty really was the best policy...

1 comment:

Coupleena said...

lol, what a cute kid. I used to love "Bobby's world" "It's Noooogie time!" I can't wait until the day you guys are ready for a baby. You'll have some super cute kiddos!