I know I'm a little late jumping on the
bandwagon, but let's talk.


No, I mean like the TV show.

I love it.

I think I heard my husband saying 
something about "obsessed..."
I dunno.
It's hilarious and heart-warming and at times,
way too much like my real-life 
to be believable.

And it makes me want to be a parent.

Orrr that could have happened when 
I snapped this pic 

 while babysitting for a friend the other night.

Sleeping babies...
They getcha every time!


meg said...

I adore parenthood! I just started watching it a couple months ago (thank you netflix). I seriously cry almost every episode. And I want the grandparents house.

Coupleena said...

we too are in love with this show. Not gonna lie, we've been watching it from the beginning and i believe we have one of the seasons if you need to do any catch-up! or if you want to chat abt it..you know who to call.