Halloween has always been a favorite of mine.
As a kid, it was a self-proclaimed tradition for me to stay home from school every year and watch scary classics (Halloween 1-12, Alfred Hithcock, you know...) all by myself. Weird, I know.
Well one thing I've realized over the years is that unfortunately, life doesn't just stop on holidays. This was a hard, cold fact for me to face, and something I'm still a little broken-up about, so although we did the usual dailies such as work and school, we still managed to make the holiday something to look forward to.
Halloween night at our house consisted of Clue the movie, 

(personal fave)
fast-food burgers 
(after an epic fail of trying to create my own from scratch), 
and homemade pumpkin pie milkshakes
(So. Good.)

Photo c/o Our Best Bites

I don't necessarily love pumpkin pie.
Or really pie in general, for that matter.
But EVERYTHING tastes better in ice cream form!

Oh yeah... and I forgot to mention 
that we also took pictures of ourselves...

Hope you all had yourselves a happy Halloween!

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Coupleena said...

you made me want a pumpkin shake! lol, and those mustache pictures are to die for.