Scotland Part 1

And so the story goes, that I am yet again on the hunt for a job. Nothing is more boring (or frustrating!) than endlessly searching for jobs, which is why I've decided to re-create for you (and myself), the two-week vacation the Mulfords just took to the United Kingdom. We're the Mulfords. I'm referring to us.

It all started when Jake went on a mission to Scotland and became so engrossed with Scottish culture that he insisted he was, in fact, part Scottish, which he used as an excuse to explain why he needed to adorn our spare bedroom entire apartment with Scottish memorabilia, or constantly refer to the garbage can as a "rubbish bin," or the bathroom as "the toilets," or an obnoxious toddler, a "wee toe-rag." 
(Guys and their missions... am I right, or am I right?!)

But I seriously gave it some thought and realized that I needed to see for myself what he was talking about. 

After scrimping and saving for a year's time, we found ourselves on an airplane ride across the Atlantic Ocean. One airplane ride actually turned into 3, (layover in Boston, plus a flight from London to Edinburgh) and by the time we finally made it to Scotland, (which was really not that long, but felt like forever, because we flew into the sunset and then again into the sunrise) 
we were majorly jet-lagged and looking something like this:

 (Neck pillow. Worth it.)

But we weren't letting the fact that we didn't get any sleep, the fact that our luggage was nowhere to be found or the fact that we had booked our car miles from the airport, stop us from exploring!We were determined to make this trip worth our time and money! So, wearing the same clothes we had been wearing for a day and a half, we trekked forward. 

We got to our car, which was given to us by a small European man who looked at Jake as if he were a giant, while asking us if we really wanted to take this one, and if not, 
he could probably find one that was a more suitable size. 
Obviously we denied. 
We were thinking of gas mileage, and gas mileage alone! 
It was a good decision...

We visited Jake's old apartment in Edinburgh,

Made our way to the mission home,

And the grocery store, 
where we had to buy some Irn Bru... 
(It's a Scottish soda that tastes like cough syrup to most Americans...)

On to the most delicious restaurant that basically serves Thanksgiving dinner 24/7 (Which tasted exceptionally good after a day filled with airplane peanuts and pretzels...)

And then finally made it back to our B&B to sleep!

We just rented a room out of a college guy's flat, so we had some interesting flat mates that night. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the one with the lip rings and Mohawk! 
(Seriously, though.)

Let's just say I wasn't sad when we had to leave the next morning...

P.S. we got our luggage! We told them we were going to the Highlands the next day and a drive into the Highlands for someone from Scotland is akin to a drive across the United States for us, so they were willing to rush it to the airport that night in order to avoid a 2 or 3 hour drive the next day. Score! 

If you're not sick of hearing about us yet, 
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