Scotland Part 2

The next day we drove up to Inverness, which is a city north of Edinburgh and also a part of "The Highlands."

Here we are, driving on the left side of the road

Jake had driven here before, but picking back up on the whole "everything is backwards" thing was a bit of a learning curve. We may or may not have gotten honked at and flipped the bird a couple of times... 

As we were driving, we saw random castles off in the distance

and stopped to see some beautiful fields of purple thorn bushes

Inverness entailed the following:
Visiting an old apartment,

Sitting by the River Ness and eating a weird packed lunch,

Visiting the public library where I received my first emails after Jake left on his mission (romantic, I know.)

And also stepping into American Candy World.
($12 for a box of cereal? Yeah right!)

The best part of the day was not when we opened the room to our hostel to a blast of sweaty, smelly, backpackers, only to find that the beds we were going to be sleeping in were across the room from each other and the top bunks of somebody else's bed...

The best part was, however, when we upgraded ourselves to the last available room in a hotel across from the River Ness. It was definitely going against our plans of cheapskating our way across the UK, but if you had smelled that hostel room, you would have been right there with me!

Follow us on to Scotland Part 3 to hear more.

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