the yellow scrubbie thing...

Being a wife.
It's one of the greatest joys i've yet to experience, it's true, but you know those times when the housekeeping/cooking side of things just doesn't quite want to kick in?
[Aside from DownEast, I have another job where I go and clean apartments whenever someone moves out. It's really sporadic, but the pay is great and, to be honest, I actually really enjoy cleaning when it's not my own abode.]
Well, our apartment (particularly the sink of dirty dishes) needed some serious attention, and my "cleaning the apartment is fun!!" thoughts were not surfacing... 
when you don't have a dishwasher, it's kind of hard to get yourself to want to spend the next two hours of your life slaving away at a sink of not-so-hot (oh the joys of living in a cheap apartment...) bubbly water. This is what we were up against:

Do you blame me??
(Confession...this wasn't the worst. This is actually a picture taken a couple of days after the sink was at bursting point. Meaning, we go through way too many dishes in a week!)
Well my sweet husband, being the wonderful man that he is, offered to tackle the job. We made a compromise and I did half and he finished the other half later that day while I was at work. Life was good!

Then came yesterday. Yesterday, (the day after all of this took place), I was attempting the cooking side of being a wife. I was making dinner (recipe to come!) and had to fetch some pans out of the sink. As I'm beginning to wash the pan, just minding my own business, I look down and see this:

Now at first glance, this may seem like nothing to worry about. And if it were just an ordinary yellow scrubbie thing, you would be right....but I freaked!!! You see...did I mention to you that the other day I was on a cleaning kick and went through and *scrubbed* the entire shower, sink and toilet, removing every bit of yuck and grime that may have ever existed? Oh. Yeah. The other day I was on a cleaning kick and went through and SCRUBBED the entire shower, sink and toilet, removing every bit of yuck and grime that may have ever existed. After doing so, I placed the used scrubber brush under the sink in the bucket filled with cleaning supplies. Is 1 + 1 equaling 2?? The yellow scrubbie thing that I had used to scour our bathroom to the point of immaculacy was now sitting in my kitchen sink. Having been used to clean almost EVERY dish in our entire home!  

I wish I was black so this would be a better representation...

Comments? Suggestions? Tips? Or friendly advice? All is welcome!

However, I do have good news... If you're looking for a service opportunity, a kitchen full of dirty dishes is awaiting your arrival. We'll even provide the soap and not-so-hot water! And dinner, too! You know you want it....

Spaghetti and homemade meatballs!

And in conclusion, In case you were wondering, we've resorted to washing each dish before using it. We really didn't know what else to do!

Oh, and p.s...in Jake's defense, how was he supposed to know that the yellow scrubbie thing that is supposed to be used for dishes was used in a bathroom setting? I think I'll be throwing those things away from now on.....


Derek and Amanda said...

I just barfed. Not really. It actually didn't seem that bad at first. But then when I started imagining my own dishes scrubbed with a toilet covered scrubbie, that's when my dinner surfaced. K I'm being even more gross than your toilet water plates are. I love this blog.

-peapod- said...

HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! oh steph, this makes me afraid for the generation of children you are about to raise.. but i guess they will most likely develop great immune systems and a tolerance to poison.. right?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I'm pretty sure this is the funniest thing I've ever read!! That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! It made my whole day!