A not-so-DIY project.

My mom is awesome.
Really though.
It's funny how it takes you actually becoming an adult yourself to realize all that your mom ever did for you.

I can't even count the number of times my mom 
cleaned up after me, 
or did my laundry,
or gave me the last cookie, 
or let me choose what we ate for dinner, 
or read me a bedtime story, 
or encouraged me to keep my chin up, 
or told me how pretty I was, 
or kissed my broken heart better, 
or sat and listened to me cry about some boy that stood me up, 
or some girl who called me a name, 
or stayed up for hours on end doing something to benefit me, while she sacrificed her sleep and time and everything else!

I can't count the number of times my mom has been there 
to brighten my day 
or be the shoulder to cry on 
and to give me the words of encouragement that I needed to hear.

And I can't even begin to count the number of times my mom has been there to "save the day" for whatever reason it may be. 
Dropping everything in her busy schedule, she once again came to my rescue. 
This time for something a little different. 
You see...I'm terrible at sewing.
I'm an absolute, downright, straight-up, all-around, 
no good, very bad seamstress.
It's true.
And this isn't due to any lack of trying to learn, either. While growing up, I took sewing classes, my mom tried to teach me multiple times, and I even experimented with an assortment of yarn/string/thread projects, just hoping to get the hang of things. 
It simply never clicked. 
I stink.

So when my dear friend, Courtney, gave me these pillows after I mentioned that I would "Re-cover them and use them in a DIY project" she and I both knew that this meant something more along the lines of, "I will stand and watch my mom, doing anything just to look busy, while she cuts and measures and stitches and sews until these pillows look like I've done them myself..." 
And I'm sad to say, that is just what happened.
I TRIED to be of help, but it turned out that the most help I was over that 8-hour span was to pick the place we ate for dinner in between my mother's hard work. Oh gee.

My mama really does deserve best mother of the year award, and not only because these pillows turned out just the way I wanted them, 
but because she truly is the best mom I could have ever asked for.
And you wonder why I'm anxiety-stricken when it comes to bringing my own child into the world...

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Coupleena said...

How Cute!!!!!!! A job well done. Mom's are great! (but I'm sure you helped more than you're letting on) :)