That student

I have to share this vent. I can't resist...
As I sat in class today, just minding my own business, I was once again reminded of another reason why I am glad I'm finishing my degree now rather than later.

I don't want to be that student.

You know...
the older woman or gentleman who (always) sits on the front row and comments on everything (EVERYTHING) the teacher has to say and always makes it a point to comment directly to the instructor, saying things like,
"Well... I would understand that, 'cause you and me,
we are old enough to get those kinds of things..."
And not to mention the moments in class where they laugh hysterically at every (lame) joke the teacher has to offer that day.
And how about the times when you know the professor is getting annoyed by the individual's many out-of-turn comments and yet they insist on telling semi-irrelevant stories about their children and grand-children while continually and uninvitedly imposing upon the rest of the students, all sorts of "life lessons" that really don't even pertain to what we're studying in the class.
Does anyone else experience this sort of thing?
I'm just glad I'm biting the bullet now and getting my degree out of the way while I'm young.
And on a lighter note, school really does teach me some pretty beneficial and interesting things.
I learned just the other day that marajuana users are more likely to receive higher scores on classroom tests....
If that's the case, then I'm thinking that if I eat some of these better-than-crack brownies, before my next exam, my score should be through-the-roof.


Sadey said...

hahahah....oh my i so relate to this post. i have on of those in one of my classes....i can't take it anymore. Call me soon. love you!

danab said...

A. MEN. that student is so annoying. I do however want to comment that although middle aged students do quite often feel some insanely annoying compulsion to act this way, THAT student is not limited to the middle aged--or any gender, race, or school subject. They're everywhere! And multiplying I think...

Coupleena said...

couldn't have said it better!