Yea or nay?

As of late,
these two peeps are considering summer sales 
for summer 2012.

What do you think?
Yea or nay?


spencer-the-rad said...

In CA working in the YSA wards there were always sales kids there in the summer. I often asked them if they were enjoying it, 98% said some form of no. I also asked if they were making money enought to make it worth it. 100% said no. The way I take it, it's incredibly difficult for someone with any sense of values to be able to do summer sales and be very successful. If your selling a product door to door more than likely your going to have to use shady tactics to sell it. I vote Nay.

Sadey said...

im all for it if you move to CA and we can play all summer.LOVE YOU

Riley said...

I am here to tell you that you can make good money. Jake would do well because he is a very positive individual. I did them a little bit last year. It was good money but its tough. Also if you do it you should do pre-season and make sure your manager isn't a jerk.

danab said...

I say nay. I talk to shady sales reps all day. It depends on what he's selling but if he doesn't genuinely care about it--don't even consider it. It will just get depressing