9 miles and a pizza

Ready to be dumbfounded?
('Cause I know I was!)
Yesterday, the husband and I ran our first 9-miler EVER! 
Last weekend I topped my "most mileage ever covered at one time" when we did our 7-miler, 
but 9 miles was quite the feat. 
Especially since now I feel certain that I can complete the half-marathon without keeling over at the 10K point.
What half-marathon you ask?
(Except you're probably not actually asking this, 
since It's all we talk about...)
Jake and I are training for the Bear Lake half-marathon on June 9 
and we're stoked!!

Running a half-marathon is one of those things I've always wanted to do, but never thought I actually could.
Then one day I decided... "why not?" 
went to the computer, 
found a training schedule 
and never looked back. 
(or forward. Because if I think about how long I am actually 
going to be running during those long runs, 
I start to get anxious and psych myself out!)
It's been such a great experience 
getting to spend such quality time with my husband 
during these months 
where we haven't been able to see each other much. 
Not to mention, it has helped me to stay SANE during the busy-ness which has been this entire last school-year. 
Thanks to my honey for always being by my side. 
Even when it's visibly sweaty after a long run. :)

On another note, It was neat to be by my husband's side as we
 went and met up with a bunch of his old mission buds 
last night at The Pie.

It was such a fun time getting to hear all the stories 
I haven't actually heard yet
(seriously... it was refreshing to hear a new take on things..)
and I loved chatting with all the women there! 

After Jake and I left, we were talking to ourselves about how great it was to be with such a righteous bunch of people. 
The kind of people who make you want to be better 
and  really think about how you're living your life.

On this Sabbath, I want to thank all of my friends and family 
for being that inspiration to me.
I love you all for always inspiring me to be a better person 
and I hope that one day
I'll be able to give back to you the way you've given to me.

Love you all!

And with that,
here are some pics...

One of Jake's favorite comps and his wife.
Add 5 spouses and 1 & 1/2 babies and you can see how many people we crammed into that small corner of the restaurant! It was awesome. I love commotion like that!

 Love him.

All that is left after devouring left-overs. Gross.


Derek and Amanda said...

You guys are amazing! This is seriously impressive. Could I possibly get a link to that training schedule? A half marathon is on my to-do's, and it does feel a bit overwhelming. I admire you. Also, do you have blonde hair?! You guys look HOT! Last thing: When I was reading and saw "busy-ness" I thought, "Steph is normally so great at english. Doesn't she know it's business?" Duh me. I felt so stupid.

You sound like you're doing so great. xoxo

Coupleena said...

You guys ROCK! Need I say more?

Abby said...

STEPH! 9 miles! You two are awesome. Believe it or not...I ran the salt lake half this last weekend (shocking I know) and the most I ran before was 10 miles - so you guys are golden! I'm really excited for you, There is not a better feeling than crossing that finish line, that's for sure. and how cool to get to do it with Jake!!

danab said...

You're coming up on the big
ONE ZERO-- the runners right of passage. It's a killer--but you feel so legit when you actually do it.i believe in you