The Sartorialist: A Book Review

All my life, I've wanted to be a writer.
I know my writing is nothing special to look at,
but it's not for others that I like to write.
It's a selfish thing... I do it for myself.
It's therapeutic--relaxing and mind-clearing.
And although I've never expected to make it big,
I've always thought that even something semi-insignificant,
like a small column in a newspaper, would do...
Well folks, here's my big debut!
I was asked to do a book review for the NYtimes.

But I was, however, asked to do a book review
for my Dress and Humanity class at USU.
So... here it is. My pitiful attempt to give this book
the credit it deserves and to persuade all of
my readers out there to pick it up and add it
to their list of "books I've read."
Or rather, "thumbed through..."

Pick it up... you'll get what I mean.

*Keep in mind, I've never been trained on how to do a book review,
so all you English majors out there don't be too critical, okay? :)

The Sartorialist. Scott Shuman.
London: Penguin Books Ltd, 2009. 512 pp.

The Sartorialist, written by Mr. Scott Schuman,
is an extension of his blog, The Sartorialist, where
Schuman posts photographs depicting dress styles from
all over the world. The pictures contained in his book
speak volumes on the fight for uniqueness, individuality
and self-expression that mark the epitome of human
existence. They say that pictures are worth a thousand
words, but Schuman's point-of-view puts that cliche
to shame, as his book of over 500 pages, contains only a
handful of pictures with narration, yet fills one's mind with
a lifetime supply of adjectives, nouns and verbs.

Readers travel across the globe as they observe dress
practices transpiring in localities including Stockholm,
Italy, New York and LA. One thing to keep in mind as
readers peruse the pages, however, is that the author
deems his photographs as a tool for attaining inspiration,
not merely a "look" to be given a "thumbs up" or "thumbs
down." With that said, this book took quite some time to
consume, because each page was filled with innumerable
ideas for future ensembles--both what to wear and what not.

In reading this book, it was incredible to see the wide variety
of colors, patterns shapes and textures that were adopted as
comrades by those constructing the outfits. Combinations
of clothing that would have never been paired together before 
are now being flaunted around like it's the next big thing.
And perhaps it is, because it is one's guess that The
Sartorialist  is doing exactly what it was intended to do, 
which is to inspire dress practices all around the world.
Through reading this book, one could gain insight on what
to wear when traveling to areas of different clothing zones.
In another sense, they could be advised on how to dress based
on whether or not they were looking for body-dominant or
body-subordinate pieces of clothing.

Through the pictures of The Sartorialist, humans are brought
together in the fight for individuality and expression of self.
This book inspires one to believe that the combinations of
clothing are endless and the rules on how to actually go about
doing so, are obsolete. The message of this book is one that rouses
readers to stand up and fight for their originality and self-worth
while looking good all the while.

If you are looking for a fun time, or even a guide
on what to wear to your next big event,
The Sartorialist is your cup of tea... Or rather your next
small purchase on amazon.com. Whatever the case may be,
give this book a read. It won't disappoint.
And hey... you might even be inspired to start
wearing your father's shirt as a skirt.

The Sartorialist

Ingenious, right?


Derek and Amanda said...

You're INCREDIBLE. Beautiful writing.

Sadey said...

LOVE this!