One day.

I just read this blog post about post-baby woes 
and now I am literally sitting here laughing out loud.
(Though I should probably be crying or 
wincing at the thought of such pain!)

Why in the world 
would anyone want to have a baby after reading this???

I know why...
because when one sees her husband in a situation like this, 
it's like...how do you oppose the idea of a child of your own??

We had so much fun seeing Baby Camryn.
Thanks again Dana (and Tanner) for letting us stop by!

And because this day was a lucky one, 
I also got to visit with a bestie who never fails to brighten my life. 
I love you, Sades!

Later that night,
the husband and I hit up the new City Creek Center in SL. 
You haven't been? 
What are you waiting for??
Fair warning though...
 if you're not into window shopping, 
this might not exactly be considered "fun."
But I like the idea of fantasizing about the day when I can walk into Tiffany's and lay down some fat stacks to up-size my sparkly gem.

The time when these days will actually ever come
can be answered by a pretty solid "never."
A girl can dream. :)

You know what else this girl dreams about all the time?

Living in a city where
there is a sushi joint open past 9pm.

Thanks to Salt Lake, my dream momentarily came true,
which meant that my Saturday evening turned into
a late night dinner date with the hubby at Happy Sumo.

Sorry about the lighting...
a bright flash was way too tacky 
for me to handle at this moment in time...

P.S. You may or may not have noticed the 'stache on my husband's face. If you, like me, need convincing on the matter, you should check this out.


Derek and Amanda said...

Haha I love this. I dream all the time of the day we have a baby, then I watch TLC's Baby's first day. Half the time I'm crying with joy for the family, the other half I'm highly considering adoption. Mothers are amazing.

Sadey said...

I haven't been in the blogging world lately...so I was catching up on all your posts. I love hearing about your life. AND I LOVE when I get little shout outs on your blog.