Miracles do happen.

It's a miracle.
I've kept an organism alive for longer than a week.

This really is an achievement...
I can't even keep low-maintenance things alive.
Such as cacti.
I once killed a cactus within a few days.
(And you wonder why I am concerned about raising a child....)

It's been so fun to have a little garden to water each day.
And thank goodness for my hubby, because these plants would not be alive without him!
He inherited his mother's green thumb...

I, on the other hand, did not inherit any such skill...

My "I don't think I'm doing this right" face...

emphasized by the story of the time when I ripped off the bottom of the flower plant after Jake told me to "gently break up the roots."
I guess I missed the word gently.

And as you can see,

those purple flowers never really did adjust 
to their "limbs" being detached...

On a less morbid note,
Many of my friends and family members 
have been doing a fine job at keeping things alive...
such as their CUTE babies!


Little Dreyva was such a doll. 

she weighed only 6 POUNDS!

Congrats, Seth and Lesli on your darling little angel!

And to Jod,
thanks for letting us come visit!
I was so happy to finally get to hold little G-baby.
Love the boy already!

Especially those chubby little cheeks.
What a stud!


meg said...

Oh I bought some succulents for our apartment (family members of the cactus so super low maintenance) and they have just slowly been dying for the last month. I just keep pretending and telling myself that they're ok.

Lisha said...

Yay for keeping flowers alive! I struggle real real bad with that one! PS. Stinking cute orange skirt :)

Coupleena said...

such cute pictures! Love your little flower garden, you are an inspiration, I want some flowers!