10 things you should know...

1. plasticjungle.com switches your gift cards for cash. 
Why did I not know about this before?

2. From now on, when you buy a gift card, make it a Visa. 
Am I right?

3. KSL rocks! We sold one of our Christmas gifts and made $40. Talk about a win-win.

4. Jake and I booked our flight to Scotland. STOKED.

5. Christmas this year was great!

6. My iPod needs a makeover... suggestions?

7. Paninis rock my world.

8. It was 13 degrees at 10:30 this morning... 
no comment.

9. Les Mis is worth seeing, but not my favorite of all time. 
What ever happened to intermissions 
for productions that are 3 hours long?!

10. I love snow.


Dana Staples said...

amen to #9! intermissions at movie theaters is a genius idea. i haaaaate long movies. I've started refusing to watch one longer than 90 minutes and it kind of drives tanner crazy. why no intermission? No one in their right mind would put on a 3 hour play without one, so why should a movie be any different??

Dana Staples said...

i was thinking about this today and i totally don't agree with #2. The whole joy of a gift card is that you get to spend fun money. when it's a visa, since we're so poor I feel guilty like I should probably spend it on something necessary and practical like diapers or food. but other gift cards are guiltfree fun spending! like the barnes and noble one I won at tanners work party that I now might be guilted into exchanging for cash at plasticjungle.com. . .

MulfHerd said...

Okay, true. Except when you want to go spend money at dinner and you're stuck with $25 to pizza hut and you both dislike pizza hut, it's kind of a killjoy...

Jenna said...

you can change giftcards into cash??? uh amazing! and scotland is magical. i'm so jealous you get to go.

new follower :)