Death by doughnut

Once upon a time, my mother-in-law gave me a cookbook.
(Thanks. You rock.)
But this is no ordinary cookbook, 
it's Pioneer Woman's cookbook,
which means 283 pages of finger-lickin', lip-smackin' goodness.
Especially the first page, which involves glaze and doughnuts.
Glaze and doughnuts people... We had to try them.

And try them we did. 
Even before reading the recipe!
The "WHY??" face...
  Seriously though.
We really could have done ourselves a favor had we
read the recipe before throwing together the dough,
seeing as it told us that
 the dough should rise for 8 hours in the fridge.
and 4 hours not in the fridge.
and should be rolled.
and cut.
 and raised.
and deep-fryed.
 and cooled.
and glazed.
okay. I'm done now.
Let's just say I probably won't make doughnuts again for a while.

 Unless you say please.
Then maybe we could work something out...


Coupleena said...

those seriously look amazing!!! looks like those many hours of hard work paid off!

Kristen said...

Seriously my favorite cook book ever! Everything I have tried out of there has been fabulous!

meg said...

Those donuts were seriously so good!