San Diego

I have a problem.
It's something along the lines of,
"I feel guilty 
my husband leaves for work and I don't."

The second he leaves, the self-depricating thoughts begin:
etc. etc. etc.

BUT. Despite all of this, I have to remind myself 
that this is a time that will never come again 
and although it would be nice to have a job that is more stable,
it is also nice to have time all to myself 
to improve my cooking and baking skills, 
to find and make the perfect gifts for family and friends 
and to sometimes have a clean house. (sometimes.)

It's also nice to have time to do other things like documenting our life together through journaling and blogging. Just like I'm about to do when I tell you that we went to San Diego this last week with my family and had an awesome time 
soaking up the warm rays of the California sun. 


(Okay, it was only 60 degrees, but when the high in your home town is like, I dunno, fourteen
then 60 degrees feels pretty close to 80.)

We went to the beach

 Hit up Knot's Berry Farm 
(A close cousin to 'Lagoon' 
if any of you are familiar with that guy...)

  Obsessed over one of the cutest babies on planet earth

 And succeeded in going to Vegas no less than 2 times... 
one in which delivered a small lotto prize. (Win.)

And the other, a minor heart-attack

 and a quick trip to a pawn shop.

All in all, we had a blast.

And now that we've got most of our gifts wrapped...

Let the Christmas traditions begin!


amanda proudfit said...

um hi I had those feelings from august till october...yeah. so. but we made it. and I'm making $$ now. sometimes you just need a break, even though it might make you feel guilty. just enjoy it while you can.

Annie O.C. said...

I totally felt like that in the time that I didn't have a job in Virginia. I'll probably feel like that again when we move and I have to job hunt again, but now, I know how to embrace being a stay at home wife, and don't feel guilty about it (unless I stay in my pjs all day and don't get anything done!).

Coupleena said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad I got to see you for a sec before Christmas! And "WHA?" you went to THE Pawn Shop!? :) awesome.