California Adventures

Last week, Jake and I were able to take a road trip on over to the good old Californ-i-a. The trip turned out to be quite a success!

As we set out on the open road, we plugged in our tunes and jammed out to an awesome mix that I made for us to enjoy. Here were some of our faves:

The Sound of Settling--Death Cab for Cutie
Lazy Eye--Silversun Pickups
Electric Feel--MGMT
Bombaclaad Star--Liquid Stranger
Relax, Take it Easy--Mika
You Always Make Me Smile--Kyle Andrews

The music was fun for a while, but as we drove through Nevada, we tried to entertain ourselves with nature's beauty....

...Turns out, the drive through Nevada isn't much of a scenic route...

We got hungry.
And tired of sitting in the car...

Fortunately, as we neared Carson City, we saw this:

We had no choice.
We had to stop.
Soon, we found ourselves here...

Believe me when I tell you it was some of the best sushi I've
EVER had!
(And I've had the privilege of tasting
 some pretty darn good sushi in my day!)
Thank you, Nevada, for a delicious meal!

Oh and another thing we could thank Nevada for...
This place:

The Chocolate Nugget candy factory.

According to the sign, it was rated "#1"
#1 for what?!
The #1 place that needs to be remodeled?
The #1 getaway for the wife-beaters?
(check out the man in the back!)
The #1 worst candy?!


We just couldn't figure out what the "#1" meant.
All that kept coming to my mind was
"You know you're in Nevada when...."

after leaving the #1 greatest source of humor for the day and getting back in the car, because Nevada's scenery wasn't exactly "spectacular," we thought we'd finish our drive on the off-roads and see what we could find.

It turns out that there was a gorgeous mountain pass
that was a straight shot over to Angel's Camp.
And by straight shot, I mean the most windy road I've ever traveled. I'm glad I was the one behind the wheel, otherwise I think I might have experienced car sickness for the first time!

Jake and I couldn't pass by the awesome waterfalls without stopping

and look at the snow! This is JUNE in California, people!
Maybe Utah weather isn't so crazy after all...

Upon arriving at our destination,
we did what people do while they're on vacation at Angel's Camp...

We went to Big Trees

Where we found really big pine cones

And really little people

We ran the 1st annual Heaton family 5k compete or complete

and won.
ohhhh yeahhh.
(Okay, Jake won...I got lost on the trail....)

We went to an old mining town,
where we drank beer.
Root beer.

took family pics in olden day hotels

 and ate some reaaaally good ice cream.
ice cream + me = heaven.
We could have ended the trip at this point
and I would have been satisfied.

Katelyn would've been satisfied too. She also enjoys ice cream. :)

Luckily for me,
the trip didn't end there and we went on to visit Yosemite.
Yosemite: First national park,
instigated by Abe Lincoln during the Civil War.
(Looks like those museums really can teach you a thing or two...)

And apparently the waterfalls were better than they've been in 8 years, due to all the run-off.
When I saw them, I wasn't about to disagree.
They were beautiful!

Unfortunately, Yosemite came to an end, as did the week.
But all in all, California was a blast!
It was great to see Ben and Erin

and it's always a good time spending a week with the fam.
Especially this cutie... :)

Now onto planning our next vacation this summer........

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Sadey said...

This is soooooooooooo cute!!! it looks like you had a blast! so happy for you!