Got Mud?

If you've seen me as of late,
you'll notice that my skin is tinged brown,
my hair is not cooperating just like It should,
and the beds in which my nails lay are lined with a thin layer of grit.

This, my friends, is not due to the fact that I have bad hygiene
(though my husband might disagree... ha ha)
it is because on Saturday, we participated in THIS

 and my body is still trying to recover from being immersed in thick, goopy, dirt water, we like to call MUD!

Here's a before picture of some of us who ran:

My favorite part of this picture was a tie between the "I've gotta use the latrines" face on Sadey,
 and the short shorts being sported by my spouse.

The race:

Swimming through ICE COLD water!

True Love.
We were THIS close to givin the parentals a muddy hug. Good thing we learned to obey...

And if you've seen my facebook, you will most likely have noticed that my husband made it to the press.

What you may not know, however, is that my brother and sister-in law did as well.

Way to go guys. All of your muddy efforts paid off!

And just for kicks, I had to add in a few pics of my cute husband holding an even cuter baby!

This is my 2nd cousin once removed. (Yes, I researched the relation...) Doll, right?

Seriously?? How cute of a dad will he be?!
In 5 years, that is...

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Anonymous said...

That looks like SOOO much fun!