Farewells and Food

When it comes to food in the Mormon culture, there is one particular occasion when you know you'll have it good...namely, a mission farewell.

I mean seriously...when's the last time you remember going to a farewell and feeling unsatisfied with the mini pulled pork sandwiches or the heavenly 5-layer brownie??

I daresay never.

But among the exhibition of exquisite cuisine, there is always that one delicious dessert that stands out above the rest. The one that is gone before everyone even gets through the line, because people like me have already shimmied their way through the crowd to sneak a second (or a third, claiming it was for the person sitting next to them...). You know which dessert I'm talking about, right?
Good, I knew you would. :)

This last Sunday, Jake and I were able to attend the farewell of his cousin Mitch, who will be leaving for Arizona in a couple days. (Good luck, Mitch!)

With my mom being a caterer and all, as I've grown up, I've had the privilege (or is it a curse?) of becoming quite partial to good tasting food. And because of this, I go out of my way to find it and prepare it for others to enjoy, too!
The farewell was my perfect opportunity to use a crowd-pleasing recipe.

I was in one of my moments of weakness, when the very thought of tasty treats had overcome me and I was frantically searching the world of bloggers to dig up the yummiest concoction of sugary goodness that I could find.
While perusing pinterest.com, I found this little gem.
Drumroll please.....


Photo courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

These things were DELICIOUS!!!

And to give you a second opinion, the family LOVED them.
One comment topped the charts:
"I think I'm unworthy of my temple recommend these were so good"
Gluttony anyone? ;) Joking.
But seriously, they are that good.
You'll just have to try them and see for yourself.

It turns out that the original recipe is from Paula Deen, the Butter Queen (no wonder they're so good...)

Photo courtesy of Paula Deen

Paula uses just a little bit less cheescake for the middle layer, so here's her link, just in case the whole inch of cheescake between a flaky crust and streusal topping doesn't weaken your knees...

I promised I'd post this recipe for all of the Shelton family to see, so here it is. Take care of her for me. :)



Sadey said...

I LOVED this post! you are hilarious! That looks amazing! and the comment about the temple rec. made me laugh! you need to teach me to cook!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. my. GOSH! Those look fantastic! I think i'll need to make those asap! anything with the word cheesecake in the title already has me SOLD!