An Aggie Christmas

Dear fellow blogees,
The husband has decided to enter a contest. 
The objective is to create a Christmas card, and recieve the most votes. 
The 1st place winner receives 500 big ones!
If you would be so kind as to go to the website and vote,
we would love you forever!
 And just for your info, you can vote once every 24 hour period.
Please vote as many times as possible!
We may or may not take you out to dinner the next time we see you
to compensate for your time... ;)

To vote, click here.

And just for a little sneak peak at what you're voting for,
 here's the card:

Clever, eh?

Thanks for your vote.
Have a happy December 5!

1 comment:

Coupleena said...

lol, THAT TURNED OUT AWESOME! I'm totally voting as much as possible.