On being adopted... and other things like that

Today is adoption day.
But not just any adoption day.
My adoption day.

Let me tell you a story.
It goes a little something like this...
On the twelfth day of December, six days after I was born,
 my parents received an early Christmas gift.
It came in the form of a little angel
(toot toot...that's the sound of me tooting my own horn...)
 bundled in a stocking.
And I was a pret-ty cute gift if I do say so myself! (toot. toot.)
I can't even imagine how excited my parents must have felt after a few long years of not ever knowing when their baby days would come.

Now here is another story.
And this one is truly dear to my heart.
My Grandma, the sweetheart that she is

(She's on the right...the guy on the left is an entirely different story...)

plays a special role in my life.
You see...not only is she the mother of my mama, the grandmother of me,
and many other wonderful things,
she was one of the nurses in the hospital room on December 6,
the day I was born.
She was there on the day I was born.
And....though she didn't know yet that I was me, she knew I was something special and had a little feeling in her heart.
I'm so grateful for my grandma and her constant trust in the Lord.
Her prayers were a guiding force in the life of my parents and myself.
Aren't grandma's just the best?


Unknown said...

That is so special Steph! Happy Adoption Day! I love and miss your face!!!
-MacKenzie Ostler

Janet said...

That's so cool that your grandma was one of the nurses there when you were born! That gave me chills. It's amazing how the Lord works. Love this post and love you!

Jayme Peck said...

Love it Steph and I just think you are amazing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love this! So cool! Happy adoption day! =)

Callister said...

I so love this story about you. No doubt you were sent to the right place at the right time. Thanks for being willing to share this and all the questions I ask about your life! You are such an amazing gal and I'm so glad to know you!

Tammy said...

Steph! I love this sweet story! I didn't know you were adopted. I am excited to find your blog. What a great lady you are.