The name's Roll. Cinnamon Roll.

Since this holiday season began, I've had an undying itch to try my hand at making cinnamon rolls.

But....I have been TERRIFIED!

For some reason, I've gotten it into my head that bread is 'intimidating.'
Which it is. (See? I'm still convinced...)

I made dinner rolls for the first time a few weeks ago and I was dumb-struck that they even turned out looking identifiable, so you can imagine how I felt about undertaking the daunting task of baking not just a roll, but a  CINNAMON roll!

Well today was the day that I decided to take on the challenge, and it turned out to be quite the adventure!

I had my trusty side-kick, aka: the husband helping me, and for the record, I would never have gotten everything done if it wasn't for him!
We made 40 cinnamon rolls and 40 sugar cookies. (Crazy. I know.)

It was so much fun getting to spend the entire day doing three of my favorite things: baking and hangin' with my best friend, while listening to Christmas tunes. Yay!

While I mixed,

and rolled,

 and cut,

and raised,

and baked,

the dough for the rolls,
Jake rolled out
 and shaped,

and baked,

 and frosted,

ALL of the cookies. What a gem!

We had such a blast making all of the Christmas treats. And, I can proudly admit that I am no longer intimidated by cinnamon rolls. 
(Okay, maybe just a little...). 
Oh well. 
Intimidating or not, they sure are DELICIOUS!

Click here for the original PW recipe!


Patrick said...

They were fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

Jody Bitton said...

Okay, I've been wanting a really moist cinnamon roll for a while now. We had the choice of for our breakfast at the Anniversary Inn this morning, but just like you're scared to make them, I'm scared to order them because I don't want it to be yucky and dry. Love you lots! Hope to see you over the holidays! Love Jody, and baby

Janet said...

Yum! SO good!

Unknown said...

They truly look amazing!! Love you guys!! MacKenzie Ostler