A birthday of sorts

Okay, I know that it's sort of wrong to be so excited about your own birthday, but I am here to confess the one thing that I know all the rest of you out there are thinking...
(except maybe a few select people...but I won't name you. You're welcome.)
...I love birthdays!
What other day can you feel totally and completely okay with people showering you in gifts and compliments?
I mean really.
If you haven't admitted this to yourself already
(you can save admitting it to the open public for strange people like me),
just do it now. It will be therapeutic.

Now. Although I would love to be telling you that I got this adorable, must-have outfit for my birthday
(hey honey...here's one of those secret hints I was telling you about...)

(Pinterest has turned me into an eternal coveting queen!!)

...I am here to tell you that I got something EVEN better!

First, the husband surprised me by getting the night off of work.
That in and of itself was worth a birthday gift for every year of our marriage here on out!
(Okay. maybe not every year...)
Then, not only did he get the night off, he took me out to a fancy dinner.

And then. As if all of this wasn't enough, 
he totally and completely spoiled me with gifts.

The best of which was this one...

Could he have gotten any more thoughtful??

One of our favorite things to do when we're really feeling spendy and up for a great time is go out to sushi,
but let's be honest here...when you're on a budget, what's better than spending $50 at dinner?
 Making it at home for half the price!

Congratulations to my hubby, for winning best gift of the year!

Though my mother-in-law came in at a close second 
with this lovely book of joy...

And just for kicks, I want to share with you a picture of one of my new favorite individuals in this world...

Meet Pip.

I love her! She's just SO cute!!
(And by she, I do not mean the second chin underneath my first. I was just leaving that in there for a visual as to how much this pup loves snuggling!)


Unknown said...

When you wrote Pip, I thought you were pregnant. My best friend Heidi is pregnant and her husband calls their baby Pip...Person in Progress. I laughed out loud when I heard that! Thought you might enjoy too! Is that your doggy? And I love your posts!:)

Unknown said...

That last comment was from the one and only MacKenzie Ostler! :)