Cabin times

Are you thinking to yourself, "Wow, how does this woman have so much free time on her hands? She's posted three times this week!!" Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too...and then I remembered....I'm just blowing important homework time on mindless things like blogging.
 Sue me.

I have something to tell you all though.
I got a new job.
It is actually in the field that I'm going to school for...imagine that.
So now I will no longer be endlessly helping people find just the right shade of teal, (thank goodness!) but instead will be writing surveys and conducting focus groups and socializing within the community. 
I sound so legit!

On another note, my sweet husband and I went on a small vacation this past weekend (as already somewhat documented in my post about our awesome automobiles!), but I wanted to share with you the happy side of that adventure. The side that wasn't me as an annoyed car owner. 
It went a little something like this:

It first started with my usual. Which consists of taking pictures over and over until my husband is ready to pull the car over and make me walk. 
I like pestering my loved ones sometimes. 
It's an "oldest child" symptom...

There is a method behind my madness though, because in the past, I've caught some really candid moments while doing this. 
Demonstrated through this series, here:
*As you scroll, notice my husband's descent to pure annoyance.

That yawn says it all!

ha. Oops.

Okay. Minor detour. I'm back now.

Once we got to the cabin, we got into all sorts of shenanigans.

 Namely, the time when we played Tripoly with big bucks.

Thanks for the picture, Alfie. I owe ya one.

Or the time when Liv and I got the snowmobile stuck right by these beauties.

But I sure got some pretty pics,
so I guess trudging through waist deep snow was worth it....?
I'm still not sure.

We also hit the slopes. And by we, I do not mean me.


Overall, it was a pretty okay time.
Especially since we got this little gem.



Jody Bitton said...

uhm. first off. i would LITERALLY poop my pants if I got a snowmobile stuck by those terrifying creatures. Second. is Jake nude in that first photo? I love you very much!

MulfHerd said...

HA HA! I think you may be referring to the first video? And no. He is not nude. He is however wearing a flesh colored shirt...

Jess said...

congrats on your new jobbbbb!! where's it at? also, you and your hubs are the cutest thing i've ever laid eyes on. stop it.
...on second thought, dont stop. ever.

Sadey said...

awww that is so exciting!!! how fun! these pics are adorable

Coupleena said...

k, moose are awesome!! those are great pictures! Glad you got to have a fun weekend away!