How Romantic

Since pretty much EVERY post I've read on fb is about peoples' experiences with Valentine's Day, I started to feel like a loser that I have yet to comment on my experience with the bogus "holiday." 
So here it is.....Valentine's Day, in all of its glory:

Ha ha! And I'll have you know...I love this photo. 
Because after trying four times to get a decent picture together, this is [still] what our faces insisted upon doing. 


Sadey said...


Stina said...

haha that's exactly what we did. but we didn't even take a picture. oooops. gotta love romance :)

MulfHerd said...

Christina, you went to Panda? ha ha! I love it!

Coupleena said...

you forgot the part how I was your temporary Valentine. ;)

Abby said...

You two are too great.