Food love

I wanted to write a post about food.

And love.

But really, mostly food.

My father-in-law lives by the statement,
 "I don't live to eat, I eat to live"

I can--with complete confidence--proclaim to you 
(in all caps) 
and feel not one bit ashamed.

And if we're divulging secrets here, then I will also say that I spend an unnatural amount of time looking at food blogs and pinning pics of delectable dishes in an attempt to gather recipes for my next ambitious adventure, or the ever-dreaded un-curbable craving.... 
which I might add, is a regular occurrence in my life. 

How people who don't cook ever satisfy their cravings, 
I will never know.
Late-night grocery runs?
Frantic fits of pleading cries for the husband to 
"PLEASE go buy ice cream"?
An exercise of self-control in which one 
suppresses their overwhelming need for food?
One and two I can relate to.
The third? 
Not so much.

 I would argue that this lack of self discipline is not all bad.

You see... if I had resisted an urge to cook something that looked absolutely delightful, I would have missed out on 
the explosion of flavor which was this

Honey Glazed Salmon with Brown Butter Sauce

Photo by cooking classy

or failed to experience my newest favorite pasta topping 
which was this

Guiltless Alfredo Sauce

Photo by Our Best Bites

or, even worse, missed out on the buttery, salty, goodness of these 

Hot Buttered Fluffy Pretzels

Photo by Fifteen Spatulas

which turned out looking EXACTLY like the picture promised!!

And what's more, 
I never would have had my first go at a delicious

Strawberry filled lemon shortbread cookie

Photo by evil shenanigans
 or acquired my "go-to" group gathering recipe 
lovingly referred to as

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Photo by The Girl Who Ate Everything
or tried my hand at pie making with this

Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie

Photo by Lauren's Latest

that tastes, if at all possible, even better than it sounds!

Really though.
Who needs self-control when it results in this kind of bliss??

Not me.
Or myself.
Or I.

Now for the love part of the post...
Today, while I was looking through an old USB drive, 
I found a priceless pic

Brown and gold never looked so good!


meg said...

Such an adorable picture of little steph and little jake. And we had the ugliest colors, everyone at my work makes fun of my graduation pictures.

amanda proudfit said...

I still have never had your cheesecake bar things! They look soo good...and homemade pretzels are the best...and that salmon & pasta look amazing...I never tire of looking at food or recipes. EVER. food is the best!!!

danab said...

you're a machine steph. pin, pin, pin, pin.

Coupleena said...

I need to follow your example! PLEASE teach me how to make those pretzels!!!