Happy thoughts

At this moment in time, 
While it is true that life has been quite exciting lately,
my happiness stems from more than just that.
Let me explain.

By nature, I am a less-optimistic person. 
[I like to consider myself a realist. :)]

I often dread the worst, and tend to worry myself to death 
about the "could be's" and "mights"

So back in May when I was looking at the social forecast for the next three months of summer, it looked like a lot of bleak, boring nights, sitting at home alone while my husband was at work and while I sat wishing I was anywhere but in my current location, 
or current stage of life. 

Why am I living in Logan?
Why don't I have more friends?
Why don't we have more money?
Why am I still in school??
Why is our apartment not cleaner/bigger/prettier/more inviting?
Hmmm...And while I'm thinking about it, 
WHY don't we have air conditioning?!
Why does my husband have to work nights??
Why am I having these thoughts?

(I ask myself that question a lot. ha.)

One night while dramatically lamenting to my husband, 
as he patiently sat listening to his ornery wife, 
he gave me the look. 
No, not that look...
 I mean the look that says
 "you are seriously complaining about this again?? 
How many times do I have to tell you 
that it all depends on how you perceive things??" 

That look.

And I realized that I really needed a change.
An attitude change, that is.

While I am not even close to being good at seeing the positive side of things, I really did try to start looking at my current situation 
with a more optimistic perspective. 
I decided to start looking for all the great things that Logan has to offer. I decided to actively start pursuing the art of making new friends. I added a few "homey" touches to the apartment, took a chill pill and relaxed, and just hoped beyond all hopes that my husband would soon find a job where he didn't work nights.

It's amazing how different life is when you take action 
and view it from the positive side of things.

I realized that Logan is actually a great place to live. 
It FINALLY grew on me.
(And I couldn't be happier about this.)

I started hanging out with different people while my husband was at work, and though it was hard at times to put myself out there and really go out of my comfort zone to do new things and hang with new people, I really feel like I've made improvements in this area.

And the best news of all: 
Jake got a new job. 
Where he doesn't work nights!

My intentions are in no way to make it seem 
as if we now have the perfect life.
(because obviously, that is not the case.)

They are, however, to remind everyone out there, 
including myself, 
that a smile and a positive thought
goes a very
long way.

[So does asking a girl to Senior Prom....]

It could change your life.


Jess said...

you have no idea how much i needed this. love you. tell jake congrats on the new job! yay! :)

Derek and Amanda said...

I LOVE this. And Steph, you should seriously consider writing for a career. You are SO good at it. Glad you're happy! Love you!!

Coupleena said...

you're the best.