In case you wanted to know...

I feel like I want to do an update.
(And since my email is currently un-useable (again!), which means I can't do stuff for my job, and in the spirit of "soaking up every last bit of summer before school starts again" I am not even going to allow myself to feel one bit guilty about doing two consecutive posts on the blog.)

So here goes:

I FINALLY quit DownEast.
I say finally, because... it is time.

Those of you who have ever worked retail for longer than a year
(but really more like 2 years or more) can understand what I mean.

It has been weird to really be done, since I have worked there longer than any other job.
And there are a few things I am really going to miss...

Cleaning out dressing rooms that look like dorm-room closets

Picking up beverages left on top of rounders, 
suckers stuck to children's clothing,

Folding things. Especially these types of things!

Answering the same question over.
and over.
and over, again.

Sweeping and mopping this floor

Walking in to work 
(or even better, church, only I can't find the picture at the moment!) 
only to find that a co-worker is wearing the exact same thing!

Being yelled at because "my" exchange policy sucks.

Feeling sorry for my co-workers who got to 
clean up the barf on the drinking fountain. 

Giving band-aids to children after begin screamed at by parents
because "my child almost cut their eye open on that glass shelf!"

And so many other wonderful things!

Okay, let's be honest, I probably won't miss any of these things, 
but I will miss my peeps at DE.
That place has definitely brought some great friends into my life!

And really, the job wasn't that bad.
I mean... at least I've never had to pick up pig ovaries...

I am excited to be done, and ready for my next adventure to start, which is my practicum that will begin this fall at Up to 3, 
an organization on campus that works with families who have children with developmental disorders.

Currently I am still working on campus doing all sorts of things 
that are hard to explain in a nutshell.
The gist of it, is that I do research, create websites 
and encourage people to get involved in mentoring.
I like it.
I also just recently got a new calling at church 
to be the primary pianist.
I'm loving the kids already!

As for Jake, he is enjoying his new job.
He's working for Wasatch Properties Management where he takes phone calls from people who are calling in about apartment complexes managed by Wasatch.
I am also enjoying this new job, 
because not only does he no longer have to work late in to the night, 
we also got to upgrade gyms, 
and our new gym has a swimming pool!
Let's just say that I have been one happy woman 
during this blazing hot summer!

Jake, as of late, 
has also been working on creating a website with a buddy of his.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

And the most exciting thing that has happened recently is that my brother-in-law returned home from his LDS mission in Tahiti!!

On the way to the airport... we were all a little excited...

My husband looks pretty good as a Tahitian woman :)

He's home!

Jake practicing on his new ukelele

Taylor is great, not only because he was always someone that I could talk to when Jake was on his mission, but also because he just has a way of making everyone happy.
I love the kid and am so happy he's home!

With just one week left 
until I start my VERY LAST YEAR of school....

Life is good!


Janet said...

I love this post so much. I couldn't have said it any better. I can honestly say that there isn't a piece of me that misses that place. I'm sure I'll miss the discount when I want to buy clothes, but that's it! And I miss you. But you're not there anymore either. Freedom is lovely, isn't it? :) Oh, and I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye before we left. That was a crazy two weeks! I sure do love you and miss you. Keep updating your blog, because I'm basically your #1 fan!

amanda proudfit said...

times are good for you guys!

Coupleena said...

perfect "ode to downeast" :), but I must say, you totally have to find the matching picture because I want it. I think it was on jake's phone! love ya.

Kaylee said...

God bless America! You have a blog! Maybe this is old news...? But it's news to me! I'm SO in love with the two of you! I'm so glad you are excited about your practicum. It sounds like it will be a very rewarding experience. Also- judging by the beauty of your blog, it seems that your job on campus creating websites is a perfect fit for you. :) You've got skill!
Glad Jake is loving his job! I like the idea of his website. I'm always looking for things to do/see, places to eat, etc... when I move to a different city. Cool stuff!

Lisha said...

I ditto what Janet said! Couldn't have explained the times at DEH any better than you did! But like you said, I am extremely grateful for the friendships it has brought into my life! Don't know what I'd do without you guys! Sure do love you Steph!